Recent News

  • FEB08


    Scores are only published for Class A, Open and World guards. When you click the RED score button, you then have to click download recap to get to the divisional ratings for Cadet, Reg A and AA groups, followed by the 2nd page of scores for groups in Class A, Open, World. If you would like to avoid that "extra click" go to events at the top of the page and scroll down to the event you are looking for and click the word SCORE and it will take you directly to the page.

  • JAN17


    If you plan to use music in warm-up you MUST have that as a file on your phone, I-pod, tablet, etc. There WILL NOT be a way to play it from a CD unless you bring the player and connection to plug in. Please plan accordingly!

  • JAN06

    Scholarship Applications

    Scholarship Applications are available to Directors when logged in. Please note you may only submit one application per school (two if you have someone also applying for the Manning Scholarship-Specific Course of Study based)

    If you have multiple seniors who may qualify for the academic scholarships, it is up to the school/director to determine whose will sent in to the Scholarship Committee.

  • JAN02

    Information Due Dates

    Eligibility Certificates should be postmarked Monday January 4th 2016. Please complete a form for each group if you have more than one.

    Unit Profiles should be completed by Monday January 4th as well. Only the PRIMARY USER may complete/edit this information when logged in.

  • JAN01

    Anderson Contest

    The Anderson Contest will be a 1 day event. The schedule is now available. There will be no critique at this event.

  • DEC20

    Preliminary Contest Schedules

    Preliminary contests schedules are available by clicking Events at the top of the page, then clicking view details, and then the Red Schedule button.

  • DEC18

    Contest Performance Order

    All contest performance orders (except Anderson) will be posted by Sunday night. We will send an e-mail to all database users when it is done. You will find by clicking Events and then the individual contests. Times will not be correct until breaks/meals are added. We are still looking for groups to move to Friday night before we can complete that draw.