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  • FEB27

    Photos from Greenwood

    Check out these photos from the Greenwood contest!

  • FEB20

    Weather Issues

    If you have to cancel from a contest, please send an e-mail to [email protected] advising of such. We will keep the host schools updated.
    To waive cancellation fees, you then must have a letter from the principal advising that travel was not allowed for weekend activities. Those should be e-mailed to [email protected] If the contest is cancelled, then we will post information here and will send a message through the CompetitionSuite system to the groups at the contest. Any group that has cancelled as of 1:30pm Friday have already been removed and will not receive the text. This pertains MOSTLY to the Greenwood Contest as the Northern part of the state is not expected to receive as much snow as the Central/Southern areas.

  • FEB18

    Performance Scholarship

    Friends and Family have started the Debbie Blink Memorial Scholarship to offer assistance to people continuing after their senior year to march with a Drum & Bugle Corp. Please click the headline title to access the application form.

  • FEB15

    Admission Policies

    Ticket prices are set by the IHSCGA for all events. Regular season contest admission is $6.00. There are no Student/Senior Citizen discounts. Children under 5 are $3.00 and infants not needing a seat are free. This is published in the event details. Any person with free admission (performers/prop personnel) must sit on the back side.

  • JAN19

    Check-in Admission/Ticket Policy

    Please click to see policy info.

  • JAN14

    Drone Policy

    See policy that the IHSCGA will also follow.

  • JAN13

    CompetitionSuite Access

    The link provided in the e-mail doesn't seem to work. Please copy and paste into your browser as that does seem to take you there.