Independent A Winter Guard Auditions!

Vibe Independent will hold auditions for our inaugural year on Sunday, September 17 10AM-5PM @Vibe Independent, Inc

Join us for our inaugural year! We will compete in the midwest as an Independent A class winter guard for those aged 15-22 as of April 1, 2018. PLEASE NOTE: in order for high school performers to be eligible for Vibe, they either A) must come from a school without an active winter guard program or B) produce a signed waver releasing him/her from his/her school's program. This form MUST be submitted at the time of auditions (available on our website). SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 17 SCHEDULE: 10AM-register/meet and greet 10:30AM-stretch block and movement 1:00PM-break 1:30PM-flag/rifle technique and combo 4:30PM-show and tell THINGS TO BRING: -black, form-fitting clothing -hair out of face -BRING YOUR OWN RIFLE (flags provided) -water bottle -$30 audition fee -high school program release from our website (if applicable) -all other forms from our website (medical release, parental consent, facility release) Results of this audition will be made public no later than midnight on Tuesday, September 19. We will email all auditionees with their results.

August 14th, 2017 by Amanda Conwell