Please DO NOT create Invoices from this site. This DOES NOT register you for contests. Please refer to the detailed e-mail you received on 8/20 regarding membership and contest registration found again by clicking the Title of this News Article.



You are receiving this as a user on the IHSCGA database.  This is the last e-mail you will receive unless you are listed on a 2017-18 memberhip application form as all users have now been deactivated. If you are no longer involved, no further action is neccessary on your part.  

If you are a person still responsible for a group, please take a moment to read through this as it contains everything you will need to do to become a member and get registered for contests. 

All groups have now been deactivated within the website and CompetitionSuite from the 2017 season.

1)      Membership- The link to the membership application can be found by clicking resources at the top of the page on the website at

 Also under resources is the timeline document that lists all important deadlines for the season.


Once your membership application and payment is received, your group(s) will be activated on both the website and CompetitionSuite.  An auto generated e-mail is sent when each group has been activated on the website.

Any person listed on the application with an existing ihscga log in will be reactivated and will use the same login/password as before. 

Any person listed on the application not found within the ihscga database history will be e-mailed the information for log-in and password from [email protected].   

Please note that only the person listed as PRIMARY user on the application has the ability to edit the unit profile and submit spiel sheet info, etc.   All other people listed are assigned a log-in so they can get to director news, forms, recaps, etc. 

If a new primary user is indicated on your membership application, they will be added to the existing CompetitionSuite account as an admin.  They will be responsible to maintain the users within that account.  The IHSCGA is not responsible to assign/approve staff for each group.


2)      Contest Registration- Once you have received the e-mail that your group has been activated on the website, you can sign into your CompetitionSuite account and go to registration.  There you will find all of the 2018 regular season events as well as the preliminary events and Divisional Final events.  After completing the registration, an auto-generated invoice will be sent for all the events you registered for. Groups advancing to either semi-finals or finals will be registered by the IHSCGA and sent an invoice on Sunday after prelims/semi-finals.  Payment will be due at check-in of the next event.


Please note that all regular season contests are set at 60 groups. Wait lists are created when the registration hits 60.  We will watch to see if we need to expand that number, but many people register and payment is not received.  All payments must be made by check as we do not take credit card payments.  

Once contest payments are received, you will be set up in the event on the website.  To check this, you would go to the membership page and click your group name, and it will list the contests that you are registered in.  Or you can click the event, and it will list all the registered groups.  If you ARE NOT listed on the website, payment has not been received.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]g

If you are using a school e-mail account, please give these e-mail addresses to your IT department as this will insure you are receiving everything you need to.

[email protected][email protected][email protected]

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